Tire Temperature Profile with One Channel


Temperature vs. time plots are the easiest way to analyze multichannel tire temperature data and are useful for evaluating peak temperatures and time-based behavior. However, this method is not ideal for evaluating a tire’s lateral temperature profile – especially when you have up to 16 temperature channels per tire. Bar plots (one per temperature channel) and color contour maps are far more effective for this purpose but are limited to advanced and expensive analysis software.

Instead of needing expensive analysis software, we’ve modified our sensor’s software so it effectively outputs the tire’s 16-point temperature profile at a given moment in time with just ONE temperature channel and can be analyzed with ANY analysis software. An example is shown below, which is displaying a tire’s 16-point lateral temperature profile at discrete points in time (twice a second) with a temperature vs. time plot. This feature will be especially useful with RaceCapture/Pro’s telemetry system, AiM's Race Studio, and Race Technology's Analysis software.

(the full-size image can accessed here)

This feature can be added to future orders upon request.

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