Sept, 2016 – Overlay of wheel loads and tire surface temperature at VIR:

May, 2016 – A PCB version of the Tire Infrared Temperature Sensors is now available, with wide (60˚) and ultra-wide (120˚) field-of-views

July, 2015 – Tire Infrared Temperature Sensors are now available.

April, 2015EVAP Simulator / Delete Kit now available for 2000-2005 Honda S2000, 1996-2000 Honda Civic, and 1998-2001 Acura Integra (more vehicles coming soon).

April, 2015 –Revised instructions and product page for the Honda S2000 Air Pump Simulator / Delete Kit

Oct, 2016 – The Plug-and-Play Multichannel Tire Temperature Sensor Kit for AiM Systems is now available. A bench test of the system is shown below:

Oct, 2016 – We are in the final stages of developing a Multichannel Brake Infrared Temperature Sensor. An overlay of a front brake rotor's temperature distribution at Virginia International Raceway (VIR) is shown below:

Nov, 2016 – An affordable CAN Single-Point Infrared Temperature Sensor is now available as a PCB assembly. Prices start at only $65. A bench test of the sensor is shown below:

Dec, 2016 – A 6-DOF CAN Inertial Measurement Unit is now available.

Feb, 2017 – The Infrared Tire Temperature Sensors are now offered as a complete kit with a motorsport-grade wiring harness.

March, 2017 – Bench test of laser ride height sensor.

April, 2017 – Overlay of front Hoosier A7 tire temperatures from T3 class winner Ali Salih in his SpecE46 at VIR for the 2017 SCCA Hoosier Super Tour.

July, 2017 – The CAN Laser Ride Height Sensor is now available to purchase (datasheet). Contact us to place an order.

Sept, 2017 – Direct measurement of on track damper forces at Virginia International Raceway (VIR):

Izze-Racing CAN Laser Ride Height Sensor

News Feed

March, 2018 – Wireless Strain Gauge Amplifier. Configured in this alpha prototype functionality test as a Wireless Axle Torque Transducer, i.e., On-Vehicle Dynamometer.

September, 2018 – Introducing the new Tire Temperature and Pressure Monitoring System (TTPMS), demonstrated in this video overlay at VIR.

January, 2019 – White Paper: Influence of Temperature on Tire Grip

Izze Racing White Paper on Influence of Temperature on Tire Grip

April, 2019 – Introducing the Wireless Strain Gauge Amplifier, showcased in this overlay of individual wheel torques at VIR.

April, 2020 – Introducing the new Wireless Infrared Temperature Sensor.